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When natural gas is extracted from a reservoir it will typically contain water vapor The water vapor concentration in the gas depends on the temperature, pressure and conditions of the reservoir bed from which the gas is being extracted.The process of removing water from natural gas is known as dehydration.The key factors for dehydrating natural gas are, reset water concentration targets of sales gas, prevent the formation of hydrates/condensation of water during processing and transportation, Increases the heating value of the natural gas and corrosion prevention. PSS offers a wide range of products for dehydration of natural gas from design to commissioning at site.


Natural Gas often contains carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and other sulfur compounds which may require removal if their concentrations are above the acceptable limit. Carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are known as acid gases because in the presence of water they form carbonic acid and sulfuric acid, respectively. When H2S

and other sulfur compounds concentrations in the natural gas exceed acceptable limits, the natural gas is considered to be a sour gas and requires removal.The process of removing the H2S and other sulfur compounds is known as gas sweetening. The key factors for gas sweetening are to meet sulfur content regulations, corrosion prevention, increases the heating value of the natural gas, H2S can be lethal in small quantities.

PSS Asia takes you gas analysis to design the Amine systems suitable for your specific requiremerrts.The equipment can be mounted on skids and pre-packaged to reduce on-site installation expense.


Crude oil contains water and salt, which has to be removed before oil can be processed for further products.

PSS Asia specializes in design, fabrication and supply of dehydrators and desalters. PSS Asia offered crude treatment systems are based on mechanical, thermal and electrostatic technologies which are applicable for onshore and offshore crude treatment systems, compact separation and floating Production systems, heavy crude treatment systems and for refinery inlet desalting.



Hydrocarbon dew point refers to the temperature at any pressure range or the pressure at any temperature range where hydrocarbons begin to condense from the gas mixture. At the same temperature, heavier hydrocarbons' dew point temperature increases as the pressure is reduced. Hydrocarbon dew point control (HCDPQ can be used for the extraction of NGL from gas streams.



Our skid mounted compressor packages make transportation and installation of the compressor package convenient for our customers. PSS provides additional after sales support including operation, maintenance and supply of spare parts. We provide a preventative maintenance service and a constant supply of parts to achieve the maximum life cycle for the equipment.