About us / Message from the Managing Director


Our objective is to add value by being a creative and results orientated business where performance means everything. Whether our clients measure the Company by maintaining tight performance schedules, achieving low costs, implementing revolutionary ideas or ensuring that production targets are achieved, we are proud to be judged by the value we create, the performance we execute and by the results that we deliver. There is only one standard we measure by ourselves and that is excellence.

Through our business units, we design, build, operate and manage oil and gas facilities, fertilizer plants, commissioning or shutdown services. At all times and in every aspect of our work, we maintain an unyielding commitment to creating value for our customers.

From the outset and now for over15 years, PSS Asia's working practices has been based on individual responsibility and close-knit teamwork.

PSS Asia has worked on numerous ground breaking projects in Australia and abroad, many of them conducted in some of the world's toughest conditions and harshest terrains. Our employees bring with them a depth of knowledge, experience and expertise which can only be gained from studying and working in different countries around the globe. The company itself has formed a series of strategic alliances designed to expand the scale and scope of its operations. We have the flexibility and capacity to provide a wide range of services that can be tailored to the requirements of our clients.

Alfred Benedict