Services / Commissioning


PSS Asia has internationally recognised expertise in the pre-commissioning and commissioning of plants for both green-field or brown-field projects.

Pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures for newly constructed plants includes:

PSS Asia uses a completions management software package for the creation, tracking and reporting of all pre-commissioning and commissioning work. This includes all punch lists and preventative maintenance up to “Ready For Start-Up”.

Commissioning, Turnover, and Start-Up require a consistent and systematic approach to the management and control of documentation and data. PSS Asia’s turnover program provides a consistent project-wide methodology for the completion, walk down, verification, and documentation of completed complex facilities.

The objective of the PSS Asia program is a safe, timely, phased transfer of care, custody and control of the plant based on defined pre-commissioned and commissioned systems for start-up.

The maintenance of any plant after a shutdown and a commissioning back is a critical task for all the maintenance works to be undertaken. PSS Asia is expert in this field and applies its technical skills and knowledge in bringing the plant back into operation.

Unlike standard shutdown contracts where the mechanical contractors complete the works and hands back to the owner or the client to start up, PSS Asia specialist experts assist with the smooth and hassle free start up as planned, and ensures that the plant is put back into its normal condition. PSS Asia has demonstrated this through a proven track record on major plant shutdown works around the world.

The start-up of planned shutdown maintenance faces many issues e.g. corroded pipe couplings, the plant’s non-return valves, the connections on the piping connecting the plant pressure vessels, excessive vibration parts of the plant etc.

The Materials and Durability investigation by PSS Asia is extended to take advantage of the planned shutdown. These issues are anticipated as PSS Asia has the expertise to ensure they are handled so as to facilitate the smooth start-up - On Time and On Budget.